Rights of Children/Youth in Foster Care/Courts

Every Child, Every Hearing Checklist Download in PDF format.
The Center for Families, Children, and the Courts has created a new training and information tool. The checklist is called Every Child, Every Hearing. It is a very helpful and easy to read 'flip-chart.' The checklist reviews the many rights a child has at every hearing including a child's rights at their first court hearing and the child's individual, physical health, mental health, educational, disability, relationship, transition, permanency and placement rights.

Rights of Children and Youth in Out-of-Home Care An overview of the rights of youth and children living in out of home care. Rights violations are a licensing concern.

Foster Care Ombudsman This is a resource to contact regarding rights violotions, or any questions about whether how a youth is being treated is appropriate in California. They also provide basic information for youth.

Foster Care Education Fact Sheets