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Kid Walk Fundraising Events & Ideas

Once you've formed your Kid Walk team, you can get to the fun part - Fundraising!  Your team can fundraise in any way that works for you.  You can come up with your own unique ideas or you can participate in the fundraisers that CASA puts on.

Below is a list of the fundraisers that Humboldt CASA puts on for the Kid Walk. Your team can choose to participate in any or all of these fundraisers, and all of the money you raise will be credited to your team!

Cherish the Child Hearts
Ask a local store if they will sell “Cherish the Child Hearts” at their register for a donation for your Kid Walk team and designate a place in the store to display them. People who purchase a heart can write their name or the name of someone they love and display it in a window or on the wall of the store, while supporting CASA. Once you get a store to agree CASA can provide the heart cut outs.


Selling Raffle Tickets
Kid Walk 2016 will feature a raffle for four great prizes! You can get raffle tickets at the CASA office starting on August 1st and sell them as part of your team fundraising. They sell for $5 each or 5 for $20, 15 for $50, or 35 for $100. Money, ticket stubs and any unsold tickets should be returned to CASA. The winner will be chosen at the Kid Walk on Saturday, October 1st. More information here...


CASA Countywide Bake Sale - Saturday, September 10, 2016
Join in the fun for a Countywide Bake Sale on Saturday, September 10th. CASA will reserve prime bake sale locations across the county for this day.  Let CASA know what city you would like to have your bake sale in and we'll set you up with a great location.  Or you’re welcome to hold one at a location of your choice.  Click for more information about the Countywide Bake Sale and general tips and tricks for holding a bake sale.

Sandwich Day - Friday, September 16, 2016
CASA will be making 600 boxed lunches with a custom sandwich, cookie, soda or water, and a bag of chips on Friday, September 16th. You can sell orders for lunches to your co-workers for $10 each and all of the money will be credited to your Kid Walk team. Delivery will be available for orders of 16 or more, otherwise you can pick up your lunch orders from Sacred Heart Church in Eureka. Click here for Sandwich Day order forms and more information.

Donation Cans
Last year Kid Walk teams raised over $10,000 by placing donation cans at cash registers in businesses throughout the County, which goes to show that the pennies really do add up! You can check out donation cans from the CASA office and place them in businesses and meeting places. Empty your cans regularly and bring the change to the CASA office, then we’ll count and roll it for you!  More here...

Online Fundraising
If you use email on a regular basis, we encourage you to do online fundraising.  It’s the fastest, easiest way to reach out to your friends and family. Here’s how:
* Create your very own fundraising pageGo to to create your fundraising page. Click the gray SET UP your fundraiser button and it will walk you through the process. If you need help setting up your page call CASA at 443-3197, and we can set it up for you.
* Tell people about your page and watch the donations come inGo through all of your cell phone contacts and text them the link to your page asking for their support.  Email your family, friends, and associates to ask them to support your Kid Walk team and include the link to your fundraising page. Add the link to your signature for your everyday emails. Post the link on your facebook and twitter page. You will receive an email every time someone donates to your page so you can keep track of your progress and send them a thank you note. Each donor will also receive a thank you note with a tax receipt from CASA.

More Ideas

Spare Some Change: Almost everyone has a jar of loose change at their house. Ask your friends to donate their loose change jar to your Kid Walk team. CASA can even count and roll it for you!

Car Washes: Pick a busy street corner and make big signs advertising your car wash.  People will gladly make donations to get their car squeaky clean.  Let CASA know when you'll be holding it and they will help you promote it.

Garage Sales: Organize a garage sale. Ask your neighbors, friends, or people in your congregation to donate items to sell. A fun option is to have a mini farmer’s market during the sale.  Click here for some tips.

Bake Sales: Hold a bake sale at an event, your church or at your yard sale. Sell the recipes on recipe cards for additional donations.

Casual Fridays: In an office workplace, see if employees can make a donation to wear jeans on Fridays. At a school or church, have a pajama day, where youth pay $1 to wear pajamas to school.

Donations: This approach goes hand in hand with online fundraising. Make a list of people you know, and ask them to help you meet your goal. Include family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, business associates, doctor, dentist, hairdresser, barber, church members, service club members, your holiday card list and personal phone directory. Send each person a letter or email (templates available) or ask them in person.

Sponsorships: Where do you spend your money? Does your workplace do lots of purchasing? Download the Sponsorship info (or pick one up at the CASA office) and show them the awesome sponsorship benefits Kid Walk Sponsors receive. Be sure to check with CASA beforehand to make sure the company you would like to approach is not already a sponsor.

 Payroll Deductions: Ask whether your business can set up voluntary year-round payroll deductions for participating co-workers.

 Company Match: Ask your employer if they will match the money you raise!