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Kid Cash

Kid Cash Incentives

What is Kid Cash?  CASA staff raise money for the Kid Walk each year that is counted towards the fundraising total for the event, but not towards a specific team.  We use this money as bonus incentives to help motivate our Kid Walk teams, that we call “kid cash.”

2017 Incentives:

  • Post 3 pictures on your facebook page with hashtag #kidwalk2017 – receive $200 kid cash
    • Photo 1—Your team in your Kid Walk shirts or superhero costumes
    • Photo 2—A team member raising money for CASA
    • Photo 3—A team member wearing their Kid Walk shirt or superhero costume at a Humboldt County landmark
  • Get your whole team to register at $200 kid cash
  • Make your first money drop-off to the CASA office by September 1st – receive $50 kid cash
  • Be the 1st team to turn in Sandwich Day orders – receive $100 kid cash
  • Set up online fundraising page on and get 1st donation – receive $100 kid cash
  • Turn in $1,000 by September 10th – receive $150 kid cash
  • Get 5 business sponsors – receive $250 kid cash
  • Get a new group to start a Kid Walk team – receive a $250 kid cash
  • Display Kid Walk sign on your lawn and/or your friends lawn and post a picture with you and the sign or your friend and the sign on your facebook with hashtag #kidwalk2017, or send us the photo(s) to post – receive $50 kid cash (no limit, 100 signs available)
  • Sell Kid Walk raffle tickets – receive $50 kid cash
    • $100 worth by September 1st
    • $250 worth by September 15th
    • $500 worth by October 1st