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#1deacb Raised $76,198 towards the $80,000 target.

Thank you for your interest in helping children in foster care by joining the 15th Annual CASA Kid Walk!  The Kid Walk is Humboldt CASA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, where Kid Walk teams raise as much money as they can to help local kids, then come together for a one-mile walk during Arts Alive in October.

Last year, 127 children had a CASA advocate by their side to help them navigate the foster care system, thanks in large part to the money raised by the Kid Walk.  Foster children who have a CASA get the benefit of having a caring, positive adult role model, they do better in school, and are more likely to find a safe, permanent home.  Unfortunately there are currently over 350 children in the Humboldt County Child Welfare System, so we have our work cut out for us.

The 15th annual CASA Kid Walk fundraising season officially begins on August 1st but you can get started now!  The season ends with the 2017 Kid Walk on Saturday, October 7th at 6:00 pm at Madaket Plaza in Eureka.  You can make a Kid Walk team with your friends, co-workers, family, church, social group, or you can do it by yourself and fundraise in any way that works for you.  Every penny you raise helps a local foster child have a chance to live a happy, healthy life in a safe home.

View the Kid Walk Handbook or click the buttons below to get started.

Click to see how your team can earn Kid Cash bonuses!

2017 Calendar 2017 Top Teams Total Raised
 8/1 – Kid Walk Season Kick-off 1. CCCU Later $11,643.86
 9/1 – earn kid cash by turning in money 2. PETRUSHA LAWlygaggers $10,082.43
            or selling $100 worth of raffle tickets 3. Redwood Capital Bank $7,905.22
 9/10 – earn kid cash if you turn in $1,000 4. Green Diamond Superheroes $3,627.29
              of team funds to CASA 5. Humboldt County Office of Ed. $3,479.00
 9/15 – earn kid cash by selling $250 worth 6. Christ Episcopal Church $2,821.00
             of raffle tickets 7. Trinidad Civic Club $2,667.09
 9/22 – Sandwich Day event at Sacred Heart 8. Humboldt Hope $2,635.00
10/1 – earn kid cash by selling $500 worth 9. KISS/MIX $2,517.00
            of raffle tickets 10. Team Bueno $2,184.32
 10/6 – Deadline to turn in funds to win top 11. Project Kindness $2,046.19
              earners trophy and be entered into 12. Team Umpqua Bank $1,842.28
              Madaket party contest 13. Arcata Sunrise Rotary $1,695.00
 10/7 – CASA Kid Walk at Madaket Plaza! 14. Lisa Zambas $1,210.00
15. Candy Girl
16. Nancie Courtemanche $1,132.72
17. Rainbow Girl $1,083.00
18. North Bay Roteract $870.00
19. Hubbard’s German Auto $760.69
20. Kid Krusaders $715.00
21. CASA Creators $692.37
22. Petal Pushers $652.93
23. Artsy Fartsy $618.77
24. HSU CDA $550.80
25.  The Little Sprouts $525.00
26. The Mighty Walkers $500.22
 27. Kids Sake $463.85
28. Redwood Prep $352.00
29. Mini Mom $334.12
30. The Detail Doctor – Cutten Health $300.00
31. A to Z Eye Care $268.34
32. Melissa Defenbaugh $205.00
33. Happy Campers $170.00
34. The Hairport $125.00